Vir Kotak

I am on an adventure where I’ve burnt the boats and I have embraced the fluid, as I have set off to explore, to challenge, to create. As I learn and I evolve, I’ve realised I need to reject definition and push away an assumed limit.

My journey allows the right and left brains equally, with everything within those extremes and everything without. An aesthetic is so basic, so much the root of everything. But what are we without a story? I can’t do without a narrative, without a textual overlay. Just like I feel adrift without a geometric underlay.

Can a strong affiliation to a minimalist canon co-exist with an entanglement with colour? It is my endeavour to find out.

I have had some great learnings across various fields and along the way I have collected some terrific experiences. I always work on acquiring new skills and new ways with which to approach and challenge my world. I am most true to myself when I am creating, without the mundane necessities of the commercial or under the gaze of the assessor.

The Memory Project
Nature Morte
The Cubic Shift
The Eminent Citizen